The reason I started this blog was to try and find other women out there that had been touched by domestic violence in their life and never quite came to grips with it.

I married young, eighteen.  The first time my ex scared me was right after we were married.  He hadnt been violent the year plus we had been dating.  But I think the pressure of being married took over him.  Anyway he was in a bar fight, I was yelling and he grabbed me and shoved me away.  It scared me and I ripped up my marriage license.  dumb huh.  After my son was born is really when it first started.  He had grabbed me and ripped off the towel rack and threatend me, I don’t remember him hitting me but really scaring me.  He was never very loving.  And not ne to share his feelings.  It all is so very long ago.  but I remember being sufficiently upset that I told my parents.  Their reaction was not good.  They were not supportive and I remember my mother saying “Just learn to be quite”  I remember walking along the road and them following me in the car and me just crying.  Maybe this was after he had thrown me down the staircase or held my head in the sink.  I just know I knew this wasn’t right.  But I was eighteen with a young son and no support from my parents.  I really didn’t know who else to turn too.  My best friend wasn’t any help either. So I stayed and told myself I didn’t have broken bones and I was married for better or worse.  Wrong decision.  But this was before “battered wives”.

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