Young and dumb!!

Well we struggled along and then he was laid off his job and then there was a strike.  My friend had moved California.  I thought well if he can’t find a job in New York, maybe he can find one in California.  Why I thought this is beyond me, but he thought it was a great idea.  Little did I know that he could have had a good job with the Carpenters union, but he actually turned it down, but didn’t tell me.  I didn’t find out until years later.  He was a liar you see, and I was pretty trusting.  I also found out that he had been going to the local night club, that I never had been taken too on his boys night out with the boys.  thought they went to the local bar and had a beer.  Wrong again. Found that out years later that he was meeting up with a girl from his old neighborhood.

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