Had to deal with former spouse

Well the day of the funeral my ex invited all his friends back to my house.  We had not been on good terms.  Thats the hard part of dealing with domestic trouble.  If you have kids you are never free from contact.  I was destined to have him in my life.  He had returned from living in Seattle wi

th his wife. I wanted our life to be free from drama.  I loved that he had moved away. Now he was back and things were not going to go well.  He and  his wife moved back and rented a house in my community.  Then his life took a bad turn and his wife divorced him.  Now he was back to bothering me.  I agreed to meet him in a public area to talk about the kids.  And guess what. He started his old rountine of shoving me. I was very upset. I called my daughter to come pick me up.  Oh I just wanted him to

 go away!!!.  But no.  Now he wanted me to help him!! I just wanted him to go away.  I had been alone, raising the kids. Now it was all coming back.  

Before he moved away he had been living in the house with the kids.  I needed a break. My son was a teenager and a handful.   I asked him to take my son for awhile, but he said his wife wouldn’t.  So I finally said fine you move in for awhile.  He did with his girlfriend.  He made my life miserable.  Couldn’t see the girls only on specified times. He took my name off the list to pick up my twins from daycare.  He just made it as difficult as possible.  It was not the break I needed.  Then he wouldn’t move out at the end of school year as discussed.  He planned on selling the house and moving everyone to Seattle.  

I had to take him to court.

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