Where am I now?

Well at the moment I am living in Thailand.  How did I wind up in Thailand?

My son was murdered in 1991.  He was 22 years old.

I was devastated.  My oldest daughter was to be 20 in two days.  My son’s other sisters were sixteen and twins to be fifteen in two weeks.

I had been  divorced since 1984.  Sixteen years after I had been married to his and his sisters father.

After years of struggling I was finally moving to the California State University to finish my bachelors degree.  I was one month into the semester,when my son was murdered at his sisters house for her 20th birthday. She witnessed the killing.  Party crashers who were robbing guests on the front lawn crashed into the house after threatening his sister with a brick.

A fight ensued in the front room and the gang person pulled a knife and stabbed my son in his heart. He died in surgery at the trauma unit.

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