The Journey

Well I married that guy.  Being only eighteen, I was the brightest bulb.  I met him when I was sixteen, so I really didn’t grow much in that time.

I was pregnant with my son.  I won’t go into that right now.  But he had a crappy job and I had a decent job straight out of high school.  I quit when I was pregnant and found a job closer to the little town we lived in.  I was miserable.  I was not happy to be married and pregnant.  My father had never been very emotional.  So my new husband being not very loving was nothing I could exactly compare it too really.

We got kicked out of first apartment right after we returned from our “honeymoon”  which was to Washington DC in January!!!  I wanted to go to the Poconos, which was this great honeymoon place in the Pennslyvania mountains.  They had heart shaped beds and heart shaped pools.  But it cost too much.  I have no idea how I even found out this stuff being it was 1968 way before the internet.  So somehow I came up with this brilliant idea to go the the capitol.  Very romantic!!!  I had never flown before or travelled anywhere before.  We wound up in DC in the middle of the night with no hotel booked.  I guess I looked in the phone boo and found the Dakota Historical hotel.  What a joked, they gave us a room with two single beds.  We tried putting them together,, why I have no idea and if you ut a quarter in the box it shook the bed.  That was pretty cool.  Actually it was a great trip.  Went to the monuments.  Meet a couple in a bar and they were our companions for a bit.

On the train ride back to our town a older gentleman on the train gave my husband money to take me to dinner because we were newlyweds.  That was so cool, but we were sick of eating out after our vacation.  But it was a great memory.  Oh yea, we ran out of money so we western unioned my parents to send money.  We were so dumb we didn’t call on the phone I don’t think.  Anyway we received the money, which was from the money we had received as gifts from our wedding.

When we returned to our little appartment, we had anotice tovacate.  We had been evicted!!!  We made so much noise moving in before we left on our honeymoon that they kicked us out.  Great.  Also my ex had a German Shepard dog who of course couldn’t come with us to our new apartment, so we had to put him in the animal shelter. No one wuld take him because he would bite people, except my ex and I.  When we returned that first day who was sitting outside but our doggie.  How absolutely awful.  He had broken out and found us by scent from miles away.  He had never even been to our apartment.  God was that awful.  But we had absolutely no one that would take him.  So sad.





Oh yeaa

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