Living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I have lived in Siem Reap, Cambodia since December 2, 2018.

I live at a hotel in the Way No area of town Close to th

e river that is a pleasant walk with benches to sit and enjoy. There are vendors along the street selling fruit shakes or nuts and traditional Cambodian food. noodles or rice and chicken for $1.00

I am here as a single 60+ women, retired living on social security. having lived the past 44 years in San Diego , California which was a beautiful seaside city located on the Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately I no longer could afford to live in that beautiful city.

I moved from Upstate New York on a miserable day in Octlber and landed in a sin streaked beach city. I was never going to live in New York again.

I had a two year old son and was 5 months pregnant. I had a husband with me although we reached San Diego at different times. he came first to find a job. that wasn’t happening so I came along to help with that endeavor. it dud help. i found him a job. not one i am sure he liked but it was a job. I had a best friend who lived here in san diego who was also married with a child abd the plan was ti stat at her condo till we got settled. that dudnf work out as planned. sge was getting a divorce and firgit to tell me and was having a wild affair with a college student that lived upstairs.

needless to say it wasn’t working out and we needed to find are own place to live.

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