Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand

I first arrived in Bangkok, Thailand in August of 2016.

I had travelled from LAX in Los Angeles.

My friend Leon and I were in San Diego and rented a car to drive from San Diego to fly out of LAX. Why we didn’t fly out of San Diego is another story. Upon our arrival at the return rental car place, after a frantic ride from San Diego to LAX because we were late, my friend Leon asked me where his other black back pack was located. Having enough trouble keeping my things straight I told him it wasn’t my turn to watch his stuff. I thought he was kidding. But nope he didn’t have his back pack. Not only that, but his passport was in that back pack, back in San Diego. Could not believe this was happening. But he returned in the car, rushed me into the airport, went to the desk and chatted with the clerk. Next thing I knew he was gently shoving me on line and telling me go. “I will meet you in Bangkok.” Having to make a quick decision, I followed the fellow passengers and went to the gate.

I flew on to Thailand alone. He would catch up soon. I arrived at Bangkok airport after a 27 hour trip. I wanted a cigarette. So I found the downstairs outside bench relegated to us disgusting smokers. In my digging through my purse for my cigarettes I inadvertently pulled out my wallet and laid it on the bench. Satisfied after my cigarette I hailed a cab and climbed in to be taken to the hotel Leon had told me about. Suddenly I realized I didn’t have my wallet. Frantically I was waving at the taxi driver to stop; go back. He thought I was crazy and didn’t understand a word I was saying. Finally my gyrations clicked and he dropped me back at the airport. I couldn’t pay the guy because I had no money!! Frantically I ran where I thought I had been seated. No good. The airport is huge and I was panicked. No wallet. No money. No credit card. No passport. I was in big trouble. Finally I calmed down. Sat and thought this over. I glanced over at a little stand close to where I thought I had been sitting. I walked over and asked with sign language. They directed me to lost and found. I guess I should have thought about that myself. Anyway it was there!!! I could not believe it. Everything in the wallet. I cannot tell you the absolute relief and thanks for the wonderful people at the Bangkok airport. I am afraid if I had been at LAX or JFK I don’t know if I would have seen the wallet or the contents again. Maybe I would have. I don’t know I never lost a wallet at an airport before.

Needless to say I felt some guardian angel watching over this fool that day.

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