Going to Thailand

I had lived in San Diego

I left San Diego for Las Vegas and stayed with my friend for a few months. I had my RV and my settlement but couldn’t afford to buy a house or condo or mobile home or a closet in San Diego. So I was looking for a new home. Went to Florida to check out Jupiter, where I had old friends living. But that wasn’t going to work. Then I checked out Mexico. Went down below Rosarita Beach, but didn’t find anything. I thought Mexico would be good being close to the USA. I was retired and on Medicare so I could cross over border for medical care. But that was scary by myself. That’s when I decided to go to Las Vegas. I had a friend living there. Anyway I moved to Las Vegas. I was looking to buy a condo there in Las Vegas. I applied to substitute teach and was thinking of getting my real estate license. I had a real estate license from California. I had worked as a Realtor in San Diego. Not very successfully but it was supplemented with substitute teaching. I had earned a Special Education credential at age 57. But they weren’t going to hire a lady at 57. Of course I didn’t realize that when I worked my butt off to finish the program. Actually it was a graduate degree if I had taken the cap class. Anyway it didn’t work out.

So off to Vegas I went. I actually liked living in Vegas. I had my little poodle mix doggie who I loved and lived in a two bedroom condo a block or two from the strip. It was pretty fun. But again, it was going to be tight.

My friend Leon had lived in Thailand on and off for 30 years. He had stories of how reasonable it would be living in Thailand. The condo we lived in wanted me to leave with my dog. We petitioned and on the day we were moving we received notice that I could stay!!! Too late, everything was sold. We left Las Vegas and were first off to California. After that we were off to Thailand. At least I was, But that is another story. Arrived in Bangkok, Thailand in August of 2016.

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