Trip to Poi Pet Thailand border for visa.

This week has been very different week. September 2018.

I had made friends with a fellow American staying at our hotel. It was nice having someone to chit chat with and go out to Viva Mexican restaurant to have the special $1.50 margarita-for me-a $.50 beer for Mike and $1.50 taco with fabulous salsa for us both. Nice view of Pub street. Busy with tourists from all over the world. Or Brothers restaurant to have a proper dinner such as pork chops and mashed potatoes for $4.00. Also drinks. Life is good in Cambodia.

We tried different places around town or stopped at the food carts for $2.00 chicken and rice. There are so many places to eat in this town and of course drink $.50 beers. We even went to the movies during the week and received the senior discount-$2.00. We saw the new Abba movie”Here We Go Again”.

Well we had language in common but that’s where it almost ended. Politics and religion- we were not on the same page. So we avoided those discussions.

He is 64. He was having trouble with his social security. He had a crazy way of receiving his money. Sent from his account by old friend to his son who then wired it to a bank in Siem Reap. Not the easiest.

I have mine deposited into my account in California and draw it out at the ATM. Easy. Anyway he went to get his wire at the bank and his visa was over stayed by 7 days. Not good. $10 A DAY.

So he had to leave the country to get visa stamp. I had made this trip before so I volunteered to go with him to Thailand.

First we rented taxi to take us to Poi Pet border. It took 3 hours because it was election week end. It was Friday but they started early. Parade of trucks with people waving flags and cheering. Lots and lots of trucks. Needless to say traffic sucked.

We arrived at border at around noon. Then to cross the border. Nightmare. First of all there are no signs. Then you have guys running up dragging you to table to sign up for visa. Lucky this wasn’t my first rodeo. I said no,no,and no. But they kept trying.

Oh did I mention Mike had trouble walking. Not good. It took two and a half hours to get thru. Needed baht not dollars. Needed new photo for visa guys. And he had no money because they wouldn’t give his money at the bank because his visa was expired. Catch 22.

Anyway we made it out for the $35 for the visa. $4 for the photo. And $10 for some guy to run ahead to get Mikes visas stamped. I trusted him. Why I have no idea why-but he did his job and it was worth the $10.

We found our way back to the entrance found our taxi driver and had a pleasant drive back to Siem Reap in a Lexus SUV with a/c. For $80. There and back and waiting for us. Well worth the money!

Do not ever want to make that trip again.

Well Mike decided to leave our hotel before his check showed up. Had no idea where he went.

I was curious. I asked our nice little Khmer waitress and she said ask tuk driver. Which I did. He said he picked him off the sidewalk with his suitcase. What happened next is a whole other story. To be continued…

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