Don’t go to Cambodia without medevac

The friend M, from America, checked out of hotel. He didn’t say good bye to anyone. Just left. Two days later I realized he was gone. This was recently. September 2018.

He was having a problem with his social security. The tuk driver had dropped him off at new hotel. Curious if he was Ok, I had tuk driver take me there.When we arrived the staff was frantic. The staff had a doctor called. He said he had a stroke. The owner was frantic.The ambulance had been called, but they returned him because they said he had no money to pay the $20.

He did. But he was unable to speak. The staff called US embassy. But there is no embassy in Siem Reap only in Phnom Penh. They again took him to hospital in ambulance.I went to check on him next day.

I found him outside under a tree on a metal Guerney. Wet, soiled and with just a wet sheet covering him. His IV laying next to him. A nice man made a pole out of stick to hold up I V. Found a dirty pillow to hold up head hanging backward.I was terrified.

A volunteer from embassy showed up. But they can’t do much. Except try to contact family.For $75 they would move him to the porch.

So I paid the seventy-five dollars and they moved home to the porch!!

They have no meals. Family has to supply. They have no blankets. Just the metal Guerney outside on patio.Bought food and mat and blanket and pillow. But they said he needed to leave because was in alcohol withdrawal.

Next thing someone called and said they moved him to emergency. They did. A real bed with clean sheets. Still no blanket or food. But comforter I bought was ruined. Soaking wet with urine. He was unable to get up so his bed was soaked again.

They did EKG. Said he had heart infraction. I needed to stay overnight and watch that he doesn’t have fever or cough. I hired two girls to care for him overnight. They feed him and gave him water.

His family arranged him to be transported to private hospital. They didn’t want to release him for some reason.

I called US embassy and they spoke to doctor and ambulance showed up to take him to New hospital. Family had paid $1000 deposit.At new hospital, part of Bangkok hospital in Thailand- they confirmed he had a stroke. His speech was slurred. He was unable to move legs. He had bronchitis-working on pneumonia. Had to suction out phelm.Had beautiful comfortable bed in I C U. Was feed intravenously. But this hospital is very expensive.Doctor said one to two months recovery. That could cost $30,000 to $60,000. To medivac to hospital in Thailand expensive also. But probably more reasonable.

Family is deciding what to do.So be sure you have medivac insurance and travel insurance or insurance from home to cover expenses. Or be very rich or have very rich family!!He is still in Cambodian hospital.

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