Well maybe just a little more politics.

Trump just shared about the beautiful letters from Kim Jung un of North Korea

And “They fell in love”

Is he completely off his rocker? The other day he said he has a “big brain” who says stuff like this.

He spoke to the UN in a speech and said his was the greatest administration since the beginning of America. He was laughed at by the assembly of foreign countries.

Yikes-this is fantasyland.

I have to find the stories and post them, I can’t make this stuff up.

Trump authorized an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaughs accusers accusations before a full Senate confirmation of up to a week. Trump is being really nice. Last week he was screaming about left wing conspiracies. I don’t trust him. When he is nice he is up to something. He has already limited the search of employment records of Mark Judge, the only person in the bedroom when the alleged attack on Dr Blasey-Ford occurred according to Dr Ford.

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