Medical emergency-Go to Thailand.

My American friend is still in private hospital in Siem Reap.

I coordinated to have him transported to hospital in Thailand that would provide him with needed physical therapy due to his stroke.

Still in hospital in Siem Reap as his family gathers enough money to pay the bill. Thousands of dollars. I am talking almost $10,000.

The transfer will be good both for his physical well being but also saving his family from financial ruin.

Everything is ready to go. Approval that he can move. An ambulance that is way reasonable to ambulance him from Siem Reap in Cambodia across the border to Surin, Thailand. Two hours to border, one hour to Surin. Plus whatever else they run into.

So hope he gets there soon!!! Please be sure to have travel insurance or at least medivac insurance if you plan on visiting any country outside of your own. Be safe!!

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