Bangkok is really big.

When I first arrived in Thailand we were in Bangkok. Big city. Lots of traffic. Lots of huge shopping complexes. I couldn’t believe the shopping. I am from San Diego, California and we have nothing to compare. Probably compared to Manhattan. As many people as Manhattan. Amazing.

They have lots of transportation. Trains. Taxis motorbikes. Elevated rail.

I was completely lost. Went on the bkk. Could not figure out how to buy ticket or which way I should be going. I needed to buy SIM card so I could be in touch with family and my travel partner that missed the flight from LAX because he left his passport in his backpack in the van back in San Diego.

Finally figured it out. I think I found an Aussie that spoke English. Otherwise you are out of luck. No one spoke English at ticket counter. They had ticket machines that made no sense to me at all.

Very long day. Then I couldn’t get a cab. So I opted for motorbike ride. Scared to death. Thought I was going to die. He swerved in and out of traffic at a very accelerated speed. Did not take motorbike ride again.

My travel partner showed up three days later.

But in the meantime I managed to find more trouble.

Get into that next time!


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