Continuing saga of medical in Cambodia

Well this fellow American I think I told you about was in expensive private hospital. And he needed physical therapy because he had a stroke a couldn’t move his legs . Or talk. Or eat.

So he was moved to a hospital in Surin, Thailand, which is about three hours away from Siem Reap, Cambodia. But you have to cross the border from Cambodia to Thailand. So they parked the ambulance and we all had to check out of Cambodia thru immigration and then check back in thru immigration to Thailand. There were five of us. So that took awhile.

Finally we get to the private hospital that had physical therapy machines. But they wouldn’t let him in. They said he needed brain surgery!!! I am like no no. I said read the ct scan. No machine.

“Go down the street to government hospital. They gave ct reader. ”

So down the street we go. After waiting in emergency the doctor says they can’t keep him. We have limited resources. Oh no. This is a nightmare. Please doctor can you do a ct scan and show them he doesn’t need brain surgery! He says Ok. But only can stay two days.

Anyway the ct scan came back fine. No brain surgery needed. Now he is in a ward with like 12 other people. Short staff so nobody is really watching him. You can hire an extra nurse. Which I said yes. But they didn’t do it. Then family sent money and they have him extra help. Like water and diapers.

I stayed for three nights. No one spoke English. Only the doctor in emergency and the head nurse. And that was difficult.

I headed home. I changed hotels three times. I was wiped out. I took a baht bus to the bus station after showing him picture of bus on my phone. Took a mini van back to the border. This time I went into the casino they have on the border. Had two cups of coffee and a donut and went to see what I could play. Some slots. Some roulette. It was a nice break from three days of torture.

Then my friend in Thailand and his friend/wife who is Thai, spoke with ambulance/nurse about a care home with physical therapy.

So back in ambulance and off to Rayong ,Thailand. Seven hours away.

He arrived last night at midnight. It’s a great facility.

My friends drove down from Pattaya to check him in. If it hadn’t been for them this whole thing would not have worked.

Money was western unions to friend M. He gave money to friend N and she paid the hospital yo get him out. Paid the ambulance yo get him to care home and paid the care home to take him. And she could communicate with every one because she was Thai and spoke English because she had lived in California and Las Vegas with M for years.

Would have been one big cluster…

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