Update on friend in hospital in Surin, Thailand.

My friend spent maybe 10 days in government hospital in Surin. The family needed to hire nurse because care was very limited. It was reasonable $15 for 8 hours.

But it was obvious this wasn’t a place to stay.

My friend Leon lives in Pattaya, Thailand about seven hours from Surin.

His Thai friend Nan spoke with ambulance lady/nurse and they told me about care home in Rayong about 2 hours outside Pattaya.

They packed him in ambulance again and took him to Rayong.

No one speaks English, so Nan was indispensable be cause she lived in USA for several years with Leon and spoke English.

So Mike is in home care with physical therapy. My friend Leon and Nan have been down twice to see how he is doing.

He has improved and has other issues besides the stoke.

But he has excellent care and is comfortable.

So after this medical situation I have decided to leave Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We are planning to travel to Koh Chang. I can take a taxi or mini bus. maybe seven hour journey.

I am really excited . It’s a fairly big tropical island. my friend Leon has a car which we can bring over on the ferry. Beautiful white sand ,blue water, coral reefs. restaurants and sort of travelable roads. I am so excited.

When I first arrived in Thailand we stayed in Bangkok. Then Jomtien Beach then the islands.

Took ferry down to Koh Samui. Leon had old friend who owned a resort.

Then travelled to Koh Phanyan, then my favorite Koh Tao.

Tropical Island. White sand

warm water. bungalow right on beach. Great restaurants and lots of divers. It was magical. But it was a small island and probably would have been too much to stay for a long time.

So Koh Chang is next!!

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