The continuing saga of arriving in Thailand.

So before my friend showed up from America I decided to go to the local store.

Some guy started chatting me up. “Oh your from California.” Didn’t occur to me that how would he guess that. Anyway he proceeds to tell me his sister was a nurse in San Diego. He was Filipino. There are lots and lots of nurses from the Philippines in San Diego. Ok. He asked hey want to meet my sister? Sure why not. So we get a taxi and we start driving. Then driving and driving. Now I am getting a little freaked out. So finally we get to a real house with two ladies. One was the nurse. So this is ok. Then he says let me show you the upstairs ok. Well then he proceeded to tell me he worked as a card dealer on a cruise ship and could teach me how to cheat. Oh no this does not sound good. I remember my son- in-laws words before I left for Thailand. “Be sure you have money to get out of jail”. Yikes. I took off down the street. He was Following me. I did get a cab. And did remember my hotel. That was scary. Maybe he knew to follow me from the hotel. Single older woman. Probably gullible!! This was my first day in Bangkok!!!

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