I am in California.

I have no idea where I left off. At the moment I am in Kaiser Medical facility in Menifee California. Menifee is approximately 60 miles north of dowtown San Diego.

I was staying at a friend’s house in San Diego, close to Mission Bay. Now I am at another friends.

I am getting all my medical lab work completed. Doctor physical and any necessary tests. In Cambodia medical is limited and in Thailand its diffucult with the language barrier. After the adventure with my American friend, who by the way is still in Thailand homecare, I decided to take advantage of being on Medicare and return to The USA. Medical coverage while outside of the US is very expensive. I was alone since my friend Leon And I parted ways in Pattaya Thailand on Christmas Eve.

I returned to San Diego on December 27th after a nightmare trip from Bangkok BBK to Shanghai, China which was suppose to be somewhere in Japan.

In Shanghai it was cold. I had on flip flops and a thin jacket. It was freezing in the airport. It was a layover. Six hour layover. All we were doing was changing planes. They fingerprinted me twice along with photo. They made me go thru customs. And another line. It was a nightmare. I followed signs that said foreigners and it was wrong line. Nice gentleman from Singapore that spoke English directed me to the correct location.

Arrived at San Francisco airport and the crew was delayed in Houston. So four more hours at airport. After three and a half hours they gave us snacks and water for the delay.

Everything in the airpirt cost a fortune!!

Finally made it back to San Diego. Caught a cab and went to the closest hotel to the Bay!!

I walked over to De Anza Cove close to where I had lived. It was beautiful. Was happy to be home.

Its been difficult getting settled.

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