Living in the USA.

Well I have been back in California for two months now. Its been really rainy and cold. After living in Cambodia for the past year where it is sunny and humid everyday-its been a transition.

I left Cambodia on December 18th. I went to Pattaya to join my friend Leon. His former wife is Thai and had bought a new house in a gated community. She moved from Buriram a very Thai town maybe four or five hours away. I had been to Buriram on a visit to Leon. It was not an exciting town and the people were very close knit. I didn’t like it and returned to Cambodia. This was in 2016.

Anyway I left Pattaya to return to California.

Its not going great. I am retired collecting Social Security. Not enough SS.

California is very, very expensive. In Siem Rrap I lived in a hotel long term for $400 a month. This included a buffet breakfast. My room had a flat screen TV, a/c, cable, internet, refrigerator, coffee pot and housekeeping. A pool, restaurant and small bar. I had no car. I took a tuk-tuk everywhere. I did subscribe to netfix for movies, since most TV was in Khmer. I subscribed to Scribb to read books, magazines, documentaries and the news. So my expenses were $400 for the hotel. $12 for Netflix. $9 for Scribb. Tip for housekeeping. Paying to go maybe to the supermarket by tuk-tuk or where ever for maybe $25 a month. Most short trip $1. Long trip $5. Laundry was $1 per bag full. washed, folded and wrapped in plastic bag.

Food was great. Since Siem Reap is a tourist town because of Angor Wat, there was every kind of food. Viva’s had great Mexican food. A taco and Margarita for $3. Greek across the street. A French bakery, half price after 6 pm. Great steak house. Great bars and bands. It was just amazing-all the places to go and tons of shops.

Also they had a four plex movie theather for $3 on weekdays with English speaking hit movies.

You were never bored. I could walk to Pub Street from my hotel. Ot take a leasurly walk along the water.

I loved Siem Reap. But I was A single retired over 66 American woman. Lots of 20 and 30 year olds. Lots of NGO’s. Lots of hostels and backpackers. Tons of older tourists. But not many stayed.

I tried Cambodia twice. Once for 6 months and once for one year. I tried Thailand three times but for shorter stays. Twice for 3 months and once for 6 days. That’s when I checked out of a beautiful bayside hotel and flew to San Diego.

I have no car yet. Studio apt. unfurnished are $1300. To rent a room is going to be the cheaprst $650 plus utilities and buying a car. This is close to nothing and inland. To live by the beach is crazy. So I am really thinking of returning to Cambodia. I am not happy. I have seen my daughter and one grand child once. I have straightened out medical and gained some extra financially. I will see how it goes. I didn’t post any photos because there is nothing to see!!!

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