Binge watching

The one thing I didn’t have in Cambodia was TV. Well there was TV but no English speaking channels-at least very few. I had Netflix. But I have been staying at friends and binged watching “Newsroom”. Started to watch it long ago and maybe I moved. Anyway great show!! Jeff Daniels rocked. Where I am- husband likes show-wife goes to sleep. But the crazy part is they are Republicans, well hubby is. It is really hard. Anyway had to share. I guess because I was in Cambo when Trump won the election. I woke up in morning and immeduately turned on news. The time difference 12 hours or 14 so I was asleep. The time change is something you have to get use to. I had friends in NY and Cali-so figuring out the right time was a pain. I put a world clock on phone so I could check if I was confused. And it happens.People do not like getting calls at 1 am on Monday morning!!