Moving from sea to sea!

Here I am in San Diego. I moved to San Diego in California  in 1970. I had a husband and a young son. Five months latter I gave birth to a daughter.  Yes, I was pregnant when we moved to California.  Crazy moving across country from New York. It was a drizzly day the day my son and I boarded the plane. My husband had already flown to California to find a job. We were staying at my friends condo till we were settled. San Diego was beautiful.  The sun was shining  bright. We walked down the boulevard and were thrilled to be here on a sunny California October day!!



Still here in San Diego.

Well I have been back in San Diego since December 27th, 2018.  I returned to America after a fellow American wound up in local government hospital in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  After being in touch with his brother and son in Texas he was transferred to non-government hospital run by Thais.  Beautiful hospital.  But the cost was a little high for his family.  I arranged an ambulance for him to be taken to hospital in Surin, Thailand.  He is now in Bang Sa Ray in Thailand at a care facility. My friend Leon helped the family set up things with the facility. He and his friend Nan visted him and the last visit the Americans brother flew to Thailand to take over. Hope it all works out. He was pretty sick.  

As I said I am in San Diego.  After arriving I stayed with a friend. Then stayed with other friend.  Then stayed at beautiful airbnb overlooking SanDiego Bay. Beautiful home. Warm and friendly host couple. Rode the bus at bottom of hill to hub and took bus, train, trolley. Great transportation. For $17 I bought a month pass for bus and trolley. Travelled to Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.  Took trolley downtown. Took bus to see Scripps Oceanography and the Aquaium.  San Diego is a beautiful city.  Balboa Park.  San Diego Zoo. Fabulous restaurants.  Very enjoyable.

  • I did get cataract surgery on both eyes. Had all my labs done. I may need surgery. Waiting on that. Back up north in Riverside county at friends.