San Diego in California is awesome-but its soooo expensive!!!

Well U have been back home for five months. And I still haven’t found a place to live.  Have been staying with friends and air bnb.  I wanted to get all my medical tests rct tskrn care of while here in California.  I have fone thag. After taking care of the American in Cambodia and seeing where you can wind up it spooked me.  He is still in Thailand care facility. But its been alot if yhings to get dond snd scheduling appontmrnts. I did buy a car. I didnt want to; but I needed transpo. I loved the bus and trolley and train. T Bus was only $17 to ride sroind the ehole city. Ocean beach, pscific beach, Torrey Pines and so many mkre all along the coast. California is beautiful!! I mived hete in 1970. I know I am old.  It was fabulous.  Never regretted moving from New York. Loved New York stuff. Broadway, green grern green. Manhattan. Its had charm.  But who can afford to live in Manhattan.  But who csn afford to live in California!!! Anyway I Am stuck. I had cataract surgery. And now i msy need some surgery. So I am stuck.  I will go to Thsilsnd. My friebd Leon just returned to Bang sa ray outside Pattaya.  He was here in Califirnia visiting his parents. Actually taking care of Mom while his Dad  and sister went tk Austria fir two weeks. Hud mom falls diwn snd needs someone there. But she is difficult. Anyway he us back. Found a great one bedroom two balconies, huge pool, 50′ pool (he likes to swim) and great gym and compmetrly furnushed with everything. Wifi, a/c two flat screebs tv’s. For $270 a month!!!  Propane and electric come to maybd $25.  I will go back.  MY littkr Cambiduan familh sent me voice mail and vuso calls.  They say “come back to Cambodia, Grandma” So cute.

I have so many things I want to do here in California, But its just not meant to be!!!