Trauma-my original reason for “Where are the lost”

I have been in California since December 2018. I returned from living in Cambodia for the past year. And before that Thailand. Came back for several months in 2017 to California then returned to SEA.

I am back now for medical. Had no health insurance in Cambo. It is expensive to buy. Thailand has great medical and hospitals but you need to pay for upfront. But it is way way cheaper than the states.

Anyway I am back. Found I needed eye surgery. Fine did that. Then had an attack in Seaport Village and went swallowing. So now I have to go to W. LA to see surgeon.

This would be fine-but I have no place to live. Right now I am at old friends. Paying for food and rent but its temporary. Cant find anywhere to live that I can afford!! Its totally crazy..

I am 69

I divorced the abuser. Worked at a government job, but they didn’t take out #SS. I finished college to get better job within job. Nope, that didn’t help. Finally I quit. Got my Real Estate license. That was not the easiest. Lots and lots of competition. You need money to make money. Anyway-big crash. Boom no sales. I did return again to school and earned my Special Education Teaching credential. But I was 57. Didnt realize they needed spec ed teachers but not 57 year old teachers!! Long story short-not a big check!!!

So I am stuck in California until I get my surgery. Whenever that will be. Don’t get a consult until July 18th. So I am in limbo. Can’t go back to SEA. That’s where the trauma is creeping in.

The trauma is my kids. My oldest, my son was murdered at his sisters rented house she shared with other students. My son and I were at his friends wedding. We just arrived. Twenty minutes later he was gone. He was 22. She was 20.

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