Should I stay or should I go?

Well I really cant leave Cali until I consult with surgeon in LA.

I heard from my little Cambodian family. The son, sister and mom have dengue fever. Its epidemic in Cambodia Its transmitted by mosquitoes. I have texted but have not received a response. I hope they are ok. Shophan the father, who is tuk tuk driver list his mother and brother to the Khmer rouge. Poi Pet killed thousands of Cambodians. There are hardly any older folks in Cambodia. They were all

killed around 1979. That’s why Sophan adopted me as Grandma. They have no parents. Sad. Angelina Jolie made movie from the book “First they killed my Father”.

I not only lost my son that day. I lost my twins. They don’t speak to me. I don’t see their sons, my grandsons. It is very painful. My twins were just turning 15 when their brother died. He was the man of the family. Everyone was psychologically damaged. None of us were able to help the other. I know they looked to me, but I was a mess. My ex turned out to be the knight in shining armour.