Better Day Today

This covid19 has been really disorienting.

Forced to shelter in place. Not that I would go out even without shelter in place order here in California.

Yes I have been back in California since december 2018. My friend Mike is back in Thailand under restrictions


It’s been chaos all over the country.Not enough testing to safely open the economy. The hospitals overwhelmed with covid 19 patients without proper ppe. Medical staff using face masks all day long. Not changing between patients. Not enough gowns.

Bodies piling up I inside nursing homes. Hundreds dead in nursing homes. I dont think anyone was paying attention to the old people.

Prisons are petie dishes. These people cant get out. Cant fet out of nursing homes can’t get out of prison. Can you imagine think im ng you could die and nothing you can do about it. They weren’t even testing. Just dying.

Then we have meat packing plants with hundreds of positive tests when they finally tested and then bringing it out to their families and the community

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