Can’ t travel-and have no idea when travel will ever be back!

I travelled to Thailand and Cambodia. I lived there. I dont know if that will ever be possible in the near future. Health care has bern a concern on Cambodia. Thailsnd has great healthcare. Buy it get insurance to cover you if you live there is another story.

The guy from Texas who fell sick in Cambodia and I travelled to Surin in Thailand in an ambulance recently died. My friend at the other end outside Pattaya, Thailand found him a semi hospital setting. He didnt even know him. But found him a place along with his Thai wife and was in constant contact with his family in Texas and Florida. His older brother finally came out and took over. But I would never want to be in that position. He would have died in Siem Reap outside under that tree. So the Hope of ever returning are pretty slim. That whole episode was a wake up call!!

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