Well this blog has changed from the first idea of what it was suppose to be.

It started as a tale about finding people that I would connect with.

I started this blog while I was alone in Cambodia. I didnt start out alone. But I learned alot and I think I have something to share. I am not your typical traveler. I am a woman, retired woman, living in a foreign country. I started out with a friend. He spoke Thai. Had lived in Thailand on and off since the 90’s. So I felt secure going to Thailand. But most of the time I was on my own.

Maybe it was about finding me the lost person.

I have left behind my original intent- to connect with others that had gone thru some pretty traumatic events and felt I hadn’t been heard and knew there were others out there feeling the same. I think there still are those that feel lost- ready to find their way.


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