Cambodia by way of New York, California, Las Vegas and Thailand.

You may have wondered how I arrived in Cambodia. Well it started in San Diego, California. A beautiful city in the southern part of California, next to the Mexican border. Yes, that Mexican boarder where the POTUS wants to build a wall!!

Actually it started in New York. I left miserable rainy , drizzly weather in NYC and boarded a plane to sunny San Diego, California. I thought I died and went to heaven.

Leaving Thailand for Cambodia.

I moved back to Cambodia the beginning of December 2017 from Pattaya Thailand. I had lived in Pattaya since Septemer until November. I had a cute studio apt owned by a guy for Oklahoma living upstairs. The baht bus was close. For 10 baht which is thirty cents you can take a ride.

The reason I was in Pattaya was that my friend Leon was there and was working on a business that had been started in the 1990’s. I was really excited because it sounded like a wonderful opportunity. Didn’t like Pattaya as a place to live, but if I had a chance at supplementing my social security, I was in.

But it didn’t work out.

Living in Cambodia

Well it’s been 40+ years since I divorced my husband.

Ten years later in 1991 I lost my 22 year old son.

My family didn’t do well. His sister’s were devastated.

He was murdered at my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday celebration at her house she shared with other students.

The other sister’s were just turning 15 and the middle sister was 16.

I was a divorced single mother.

So here I am in Cambodia.

Living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I have lived in Siem Reap, Cambodia since December 2, 2017. Actually I came to Cambodia on October 2016 and stayed for six months and returned to San Diego, California for four months. Then returned to Thailand for three months then back to Siem Reap and have been here since December 2017.

I live at a hotel in the Wat

Bo area of town close to th

e river that is a pleasant walk with benches to sit and enjoy. There are vendors along the street selling fruit shakes or nuts and traditional Cambodian food, noodles or rice and chicken for $1.00

I am here as a single 60+ women, retired living on social security. Having lived the past 44 years in San Diego , California which was a beautiful seaside city located on the Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately I no longer could afford to live in that beautiful city.

I moved from Upstate New York on a miserable day in October and landed in a sun streaked beach city. I was never going to live in New York again.


Well here I am In Cambodia.  The famous Angkor Wat is here in Siem Reap.  The 7th wonder of the world!!  I lived here previously for six months and made friends with fellow Americans and Brits.

I plan on staying here for now. I am staying at a hotel.  My Brit friend is running the hotel.

I came here alone. The jouney started out in Las Vegas then to Thailand with my friend.  Now he is still in Thailand.  

It was a move made out of financial benefits, adventure and most of all my family. 



Left my RV in San Diego

Well I have arrived in Siem Reap,Cambodia from Thailand!!

I left my life in America. My journey started in January 2016 when my home was sold and started my adventure.

I left San Diego that month in my Roadtrek RV. My family was in tatters. So leaving was not a problem. Any trouble I had with my ex was of no concern to my children. Really the only support I had was my oldest child, my son. Who remebered well all the abuse. He was my rock. After his death, I lost that rock.

First blog post

This is new too me. Maybe it will be helpful for other women 6o+ to start a new life.