What is happening?

Wow. This has been one freakin insane ride. The 2020 pandemic. And 2020 is hindsight. I was watching Bob Dylan documentary on Netflix. Getting away from the news

I am so worn out from political fatigue. The guy is off his rocker. I cant believe the stuff that’s swirling around. I am a boomer. The boomer eliminated-civid 19. And I am facing my possible death if I go out into my world. It’s really really scary. And it’s not the pandemic that is scary-it’s the leader of my country. The USA. People are protesting for their liberty- so they say. They dont give a rats ass about anyone else’s liberty. Nah-we arent going to wear a mask. Nah-we arent going to social distance. We want to infect you because we count and you dont. Open the economy. Let’s get back to normal? Do they think they can wave a magic wand and puff the coronavirus is gone like he said. People are scared. Because there is no captain of the ship.


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